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  • 19Jul
    All in one household solar energy storage and medium power solar energy storage system are fully launched

    In the first half of 2022, our ll in one household solar energy storage and medium power solar energy storage system were officially put into the market,opening a new chapter in Jntech's energy storage business. As an important equipment foundation and key supporting technology for building my country's new power system and promoting green and low-carbon transformation of energy, new energy storage is an important support for achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. able business model. In this context, the company has accelerated the research on energy storage products, developed and produced high-performance products with high technology content, comprehensive power and wide application range. All in one household solar energy storage is a multi-functional and intelligent energy storage inverter cabinet integrating inverter, AC charger, photovoltaic charging controller and AC bypass, which can ensure the normal power consumption of customers to the maximum extent, and reduce the cost of customers at the same time. the cost of electricity. The products are mainly used in areas without electricity, areas where electricity is lacking/unstable, areas where electricity prices are expensive/peak-valley electricity price difference is large, and areas where power supply security is guaranteed. It has the functions of self-use, peak shaving and valley filling, and backup power supply. Private residences, villas, holiday cottages, homestays and remote areas without electricity are available. The medium-power solar energy storage system is specially developed for factories, schools, hospitals, military and other areas that consume large amounts of electricity and require stable power supply. The power is higher and more perfect. Effectively make up for the shortage of small power that cannot drive a variety of loads. Rely on Chinese famous technology university’s human resource and technical advantage, JNTECH upgrades products and technology through enterprise, university, research cooperation,owns more than 60 solar patents, participates to set China Solar Standards; JNTECH developed solarenergy storage inverter, solar pump inverter, solar household energy storage inverter and related system are widely used in more than 60 countries . JNTECH has been listed in the bidding catalogue and preferred brand of international projects by IBRD, UN, FAO,  NGOs, etc.  Over the years, "JNTECH" brand enjoys a high reputation in the industry

  • 02Jun
    Jntech helps develop high-efficiency dry crops and water-saving agriculture in Yulin

    A few days ago, the Yulin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued a notice on the "Five-Year Action Plan for the Development of High-Efficiency Dry Farming and Water-Saving Agriculture in Yulin City", calling for accelerating the development of the city's dry farming and water-saving agriculture, improving the efficiency of agricultural water use, and better promoting the revitalization of rural industries, Consolidate the "Shaanxi New Granary" to achieve stable and increased agricultural production and green, high-quality and efficient development. The plan proposes that by 2025, Yulin City will implement 3 million mu of high-efficiency dry farming and water-saving agriculture, and transform it into a high-efficiency water-saving modern irrigation area. Realize the elimination of flood irrigation, limit the development of low-pressure pipeline irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, promote the effective integration of engineering water saving, crop water saving, and institutional water saving, and strive to build our city into a national dry farming water-saving agricultural demonstration city. Engineering renovation and upgrading and new high-standard farmland The plan proposes that in the next five years, the renovation and upgrading project will be implemented, and flood irrigation will be replaced by drip irrigation, and the 600,000-mu project will be implemented in areas with better farmland infrastructure, water source conditions, high farmers' enthusiasm, and certain experience in promoting water and fertilizer integration technology. The construction is implemented in accordance with the technical standards for the integration of drip irrigation, water and fertilizer, and an irrigation and fertilization system is configured. Drawing on the experience and practice of replacing sprinkler irrigation with drip irrigation in Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other places, enterprises will implement water-saving transformation and promote the transformation of sprinkler irrigation to drip irrigation for 250,000 mu. Implement the demonstration construction of intelligent water and fertilizer integration, focusing on upgrading and transforming ordinary drip irrigation areas, sprinkler irrigation areas, and flood irrigation areas with more than 1,000 mu of concentrated contiguous areas into fully automatic intelligent water and fertilizer integration irrigation areas, and demonstration and promotion of 100,000 mu. At the same time of the renovation, speed up the new construction and expansion, actively develop the "four-in-one" rainwater supplementary irrigation for mountain and dry land, combine high-standard farmland construction, give priority to the villages and towns where the land is transferred in a centralized manner, and adopt the "ditch dam water storage + photovoltaic power generation to raise water + The "four-in-one" rainwater supplementary irrigation technology of geomembrane cellar high-level water storage + drip irrigation...

  • 28Apr
    The 131st Canton Fair ended, our company has hit a number of record highs

    The number of global partners has reached 170, exhibitors have uploaded over 3 million exhibits, over 900,000 new products, and over 480,000 green and low-carbon exhibits... At 18:00 on the 24th, the official platform of the Canton Fair announced the successful conclusion of the 131st Canton Fair, which will last for ten years. The 131st Canton Fair on the 19th has set a new record in terms of global partners and the number of uploaded exhibits. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the overall operation of the Canton Fair to Chinese and foreign media. During the Canton Fair, our company conducted 28 live broadcasts, interacted with viewers, exchanged many business cards and received many inquiries. In this online Canton Fair, our new photovoltaic energy storage system and integrated machine are very popular, and there are many inquiries. In our company's various exhibition data, the number of business cards and inquiries obtained hit a record high. From physical to online, to online and offline integration of exhibitions, the Canton Fair demonstrates the charm of Made in China, and also demonstrates China's determination to open up to the outside world, as well as its consistent attitude of cooperating with the world for a win-win situation.

  • 02Apr
    Jntech attend Solar Pakistan 10th International Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference

    10th International Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference was held at Lahore Expo Center Pakistan from March 26 to 28 (2022) Solar Pakistan. The Lahore edition of the International Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference was inaugurated and appreciated by Mr. Tauseef H Farooqi Chairman National Power Regulatory Authority on Saturday, 26 March 2022. Considering the growing need for awareness development of this sector both at the Governmental and Industrial levels. On this occasion, Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza CEO – Of the alternative Energy Development Board, Mian Nauman Kabir President of The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with, Mr. Zaigham Rizvi Chairman of Prime Minister Housing Task Force visited different stalls. Jntech exhibited a complete range of Solar Pumping Inverters & Off-grid household storage systems. Our Product range is promising for domestic agricultural modernization, rural revitalization, rural distributed water supply. It also provides a reliable water supply system area without Electricity or which faces Power Shortages. Jntech Pakistan Booth (DAY 1 & 2) Solar Pakistan encouraged exhibitors of the Solar Industry. The Exhibition was expanded into large Halls of Lahore Expo Centre showcasing exhibits from more than 50 companies. This included direct participation of companies based in China, besides other international brands, having distribution, processing, and production setups in Pakistan. We at Jntech Booth witnessed a turnover of trade visitors, delegates, consulate representatives, and General public from different sphere of life who visited stalls and praised exhibitors. The exhibitors disseminated information to a regular flow of visitors and guest participants (26th March to 28th March 2022). CLOSING DAY CERMONY (DAY 3) The three-day event concluded after receiving an exciting response from both the public and private sectors. At Closing ceremony, the Chief Guest Mr. Tauseef H Farooqi Chairman of the National Power Regulatory Authority along with Mian Nauman Kabir President of LCCI & Mr. Saleem Khan Tanoli CEO FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) Ltd. Distributed the Shields and awards to the Exhibitors, Sponsors, and key members of the organizing committee.

  • 16Feb
    Congratulations to IMSA

    IMSA is the sole agent certified by Jntech Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Nicaragua. Recently, Jntech Nicaragua successfully installed a 15kW photovoltaic water pump system. Jntech Renewable Energy provides a complete set of products and technical support for the system. 52 pieces of 415-watt high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, 15kW Jntech photovoltaic water pump inverters and photovoltaic special submersible pumps, etc., it provides a continuous source of power for local residents to water supply and agricultural irrigation. The photovoltaic water pump system was set up by volcanic and the scenery is miraculous. The project and IMSA have obtain unanimous praise from the Nicaraguan government, the agricultural departments of various provinces, and the majority of users. On March 4th, 5th, and 6th,IMSA will attend the agricultural trade fair held in Redondel Municipal, Santo Tomas, Chontales. At that time, IMSA will display photovoltaic water pump system, photovoltaic energy storage system at the exhibition. , photovoltaic air conditioners and other photovoltaic application systems, providing complete supporting solutions for agricultural production and water use problems.

  • 17Dec
    Congratulations to our company for winning the

    Recently, Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. ("our company" for short) received the high-tech enterprise certificate and the Hefei ‘PRSN’ SME honorary card, which symbolizes the continuous improvement of our company's R&D and innovation capabilities. And has been recognized by relevant national departments. The threshold for identification of high-tech enterprises is relatively high. The identification must go through strict evaluation and approval procedures, and must go through layers of screening of core independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and the organization and management level of research and development. The review is quite strict, which will also Continue to actively promote the development of our company's independent innovation capabilities and the improvement of scientific and technological level. Hefei's "PRSN" SMEs are defined as SMEs with the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty". Since its establishment, our company has continued to develop and grow in the field of solar new energy. It is at the forefront of solar irrigation, solar ecological governance and solar energy storage systems. It has obvious advantages and occupies a unique market position in some parts of the world. In recent years, our company has continued to increase investment in research and development, cultivate a talent team, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and provide a steady stream of talent support and technical support for the follow-up development of the company! Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of new energy solar application products. It is a drafting unit of China's solar water pump system and inverter industry standards and an industry leader. The solar water pump inverters, solar energy storage inverters, and related application system products developed by the company have passed national and international market access certifications, and have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. They have been listed in the World Bank, Bidding catalogs and preferred brands of international projects such as the United Nations, the World Food and Agriculture Organization, and NGO organizations of various countries. For many years, the "JNTECH" brand has enjoyed a high reputation in the industry.

  • 25Nov
    Jntech assists the high-quality development of the national

    Recently, Mr. Ma Zhibao, general manager of Jntech, was invited to be the ambassador of Hefei City’s “One Belt One Road” Strategic Industry Alliance to Pakistan. The appointment of the ambassador is aimed at building a platform for enterprise cooperation and realizing resources and platforms among alliance members. Interoperability, through the government platform of the city’s local excellent technology and products, go out under the framework of the “Belt and Road”, help support the technology and industrialization upgrade of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and help local enterprises in the city to expand overseas markets. Pakistan is an important trading country along the "One Belt One Road" and has a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. In the past 10 years, the Jntech team has been deeply involved in Pakistan, the main battlefield, and established a subsidiary locally to conduct localized operations to provide customers with timely and effective market, technology, warehousing, after-sales and other services. Up to now, our company has delivered more than 10,000 sets of photovoltaic water pump systems and thousands of off-grid systems to customers in all provinces of Pakistan. Our company provides photovoltaic water pump systems/inverters, photovoltaic energy storage systems/inverters Other products and services have successfully solved the problems of rural water and agricultural irrigation in Pakistan, and brought good news to the remote areas of Pakistan without electricity or lack of electricity, and benefited the people. In view of the excellent performance and good reputation of "Jntech" in its government projects, it has become a well-known Chinese brand in Pakistan. The Hefei ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategic industrial alliance was established in 2020. At the same time, Jntech was invited to join and participate in the alliance work as a governing unit, and will continue to help Hefei implement the national technology industry overseas cooperation and exchange work.

  • 08Jun
     Jntech debut 2021 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic exhibition

    From June 3 to 5,15th(2021)International Photovoltaic Power Generation  and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the reduction of the domestic epidemic pressure and the formulation of the national "dual-carbon" goal, the new energy policy has been continuously clarified. The popularity of the exhibition site has increased significantly, the crowd is crowded, and the on-site interaction climaxes. At this photovoltaic exhibition, our company exhibited a full range of AC and DC hybrid solar irrigation systems, solar aeration and oxygenation systems, and new high-frequency hybrid solar energy storage systems. Such products will be very promising products in the future. Can be widely used in domestic agricultural modernization, rural revitalization, rural distributed water supply, afforestation/grassland/desert/sewage treatment, etc.; it can also provide safe and reliable water supply and power supply system solutions for households in areas without electricity and power shortages in the world . Jntech has always focused on solar green energy application technology and product development in the fields of agricultural irrigation, ecological environmental protection, and beautiful villages, and positioned as a service provider of solar application system solutions. As a drafter of the solar water pump industry standard and an industry leader, we will continue to work hard to provide safe, reliable and economic solar irrigation and water supply systems for people around the world to serve people’s livelihoods and ensure food security. In the past ten years, we have achieved more than 60 worldwide Thousands of people benefit from the country. With the national goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking", the clean and environmentally friendly energy industry is developing rapidly, with significant industrial dividends, and penetrating deeply into our lives. Jntech insists on continuously developing new energy applica

  • 31Mar
    Solar irrigation and solar aeration system were presented inThe 2021 Smart Water Conservancy and River-Lake Long System Summit Forum

    The 2021 Smart Water Conservancy and River-Lake Long System Summit Forum will be held as scheduled in Suzhou from March 26th to 28th. The convening of this conference not only responds to the country’s call for building green mountains and green waters, creating beautiful villages, and building a country’s ecological civilization, but also promotes in-depth exchanges between water conservancy, watershed management industries and new energy industries, and promotes carbon neutrality for the country. The goal of Carbon Neutral and Carbon Peak provides new thinking and new directions. Jack Ma, general manager of Jntech Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd, gave a keynote speech on "Application of Photovoltaic Smart Irrigation and Photovoltaic Aeration and Aeration System in Water Conservancy" at this summit, expounding the role of photovoltaic as a new energy source in the field of national water conservancy and river basin governance. Promotion and application value, showing the relevant application system solutions developed by our company and sharing our successful application experience in the world. At present, the country is vigorously building a smart water conservancy system, and it is also an inevitable trend to apply new photovoltaic energy to various water conservancy facilities, because of the added value and industrial dividends of photovoltaic energy are gradually becoming prominent, and the cost is also significantly reduced. The concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In terms of the rural river and lake governance, water storage and irrigation in the water conservancy industry, and reduction of carbon emissions, new photovoltaic energy can help achieve the country’s current policy requirements for beautiful countryside. With the application and promotion of new photovoltaic energy, photovoltaic irrigation and photovoltaic water conservancy are not only limited to the project application in plain areas, but also applied in cross-regional and cross-basin water conservancy projects and irrigation projects, successfully realizing water transfer, water delivery, and water diversion. Solve the problems of irrigation and people's livelihood. In recent years, our company has successfully implemented photovoltaic high-altitude water pumping and high-lift irrigation applications in western China, including Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Shaanxi. The project uses full photovoltaic energy for water pumping, water storage, water delivery and water supply. Realize the automatic water-saving irrigation of the head, contribute to the construction of the national high-standard farmland, and help the Loess Plateau become beautiful and beautiful. Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of new energy photovoltaic application products. It is a drafting unit of China's photovoltaic water pump system and inverter industry standards and an industry leader. T...

  • 23Mar
    Jntech Lectured on the The 3rd Forum of Distributed PV innovation

    On March 17, 2021, the 3rd Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Forum was held in the Beijing Hall on the second floor of Hefei Fengda International Hotel. This forum discussed in depth on the application of photovoltaic power generation and the expansion of photovoltaic applications under the background of carbon neutrality at the peak of the NPC&CPPCC. Jack Ma, general manager of Jntech Renewable New Energy Co., Ltd. gave a speech on "Application of Photovoltaic Irrigation and Aeration System in Water Conservancy and Farming and River Ecological Management", explaining that solar as a new energy source in the country's smart irrigation The application and promotion value in the field and ecological governance, breeding, demonstrated our research and development of photovoltaic smart irrigation system and photovoltaic aeration aeration system solutions, and shared our global photovoltaic irrigation and aeration and aeration application experience. In recent years, due to the development of urbanization in our country and the significant reduction in the number of employees suitable for planting, for the scattered small and medium-sized fields across the country, we are faced with how to improve construction standards, increase output, reduce operating costs, reduce operating technical requirements, and maintain the bottom line of food security. This has always been a problem that we urgently need to solve. Jntech has always adhered to and focused on photovoltaic application technology and product research and development in the field of agricultural irrigation. As an industry standard drafting unit and industry leader, we will continue to work hard to provide safe, reliable and economical photovoltaic irrigation for people around the world, especially in remote and non-electric areas. System to ensure food security and serve the people’s livelihood. Under the epidemic environment, while the economy is taking off, it is very important to protect the green environment around you, and both energy conservation and emission reduction and ecological governance are equally important. In response to the problem of ecological treatment of rivers in cities, the aeration and aeration system developed by Jntech not only solves the problems of river pollution and stagnant water, but also brings good news to the breeding industry.

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