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  • 16May
    The Xiaojiang photovoltaic water pumping project in Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province successfully tested and sending up water in early May.

    At present, people's livelihood problems such as expensive water and water shortage in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places have seriously hindered the development of the local economy and the improvement of farmers' living standards. To effectively solve this problem, the Yunnan Provincial Department, Xuanwei Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government decided to coordinate the high-standard farmland project funds of 87.04 million yuan to implement the Xiaojiang photovoltaic water extraction project. As the winning bidder for the first section of this project, Jntech aims to contribute to the development and construction of Yunnan. At the end of March 2024, the Xiaojiang photovoltaic water pumping project in Xuanwei City, which Jntech managed, officially started construction. After 2 months, the main engineering construction tasks were completed in early May. The project successfully tested the water and sent up water. Jntech provides core equipment and control systems such as photovoltaic power generation, water machines, electronic control and drive systems for the project; as a leading enterprise in the photovoltaic water lifting irrigation subdivision and an industry-standard drafting unit, we not only faces many difficulties in the project itself, the biggest challenge is to shoulder the burden of achieving breakthroughs in the entire industry. Over the past few months, our company has overcome the problems of tight project time, large project scale, and high technical difficulty. Finally we break the industry's application records in terms of system installation capacity and annual water extraction volume, and realize the purpose of photovoltaic water extraction from Xiaojiang in Hotwater Town, Xuanwei City and zero water fee irrigation, which has changed the dilemma of water shortage for livelihood and irrigation in dozens of surrounding towns and tens of thousands of people. This system is currently the largest photovoltaic water-pumping irrigation project in the world. Its configuration is that the photovoltaic capacity of the first-level pumping station is 3.378MWp with total head of 472m; Second-level pumping station is 4.596MWp with total head of 350m. Each pump’s power is 400kW, the annual water extraction capacity of the entire project exceeds 3 million cubic meters. The system is completely off-grid and uses a photovoltaic energy direct-drive system to lift water from Xiaojiang. Through a multi-unit group control management system, no human on duty to ensure that the two-stage pumping station system works collaboratively and stably. At the same time, it realizes remote digital monitoring, real-time management and control, and remote automation. Start-stop, terminal timing and quantitative water distribution management and control ensure the overall safety, stable operation and efficient water supply of the project. Jntech once again successfully break the industry's photovoltaic water extraction technology bottleneck ...

  • 11May
    Jntech unveiled at Pakistan Renewable Energy Week 2024

    From May 9 to 11, local time, Pakistan Renewable Energy Week was held at the China-Pakistan Friendship Center in Islamabad. Jntech made a grand appearance with its solar pump inverter, sharing core products and efficient solutions with global customers to discuss the future of green energy. Pakistan has a vast terrain and rich lighting resources, which has unique advantages for the development of solar energy. In recent years, the government has introduced a number of policies to promote the development of renewable energy. solars, wind energy, etc. have good development prospects in Pakistan. At this exhibition, Jntech exhibited a 7.5-11kW solar pump inverter. As our company's star product in Pakistan, it has received great attention and recognition from government personnel and industry insiders, and has received enthusiastic inquiries from new and old customers. Pakistan is one of Jntech's important strategic markets. Over the years, our company has provided the best solar pump system solutions and applications from the market and customer perspective through forward-looking grasp of local market needs and customized designs for customer needs. Used in different scenarios, such as agricultural irrigation, animal husbandry water, drinking water for urban and rural residents, etc. In the future, Jntech will always be committed to the development of renewable energy, continue to innovate energy technology, manufacture high-quality products, provide better system solutions, promote sustainable development of global energy, and achieve a zero-carbon world.

  • 22Apr
    Starting from

    On April 15, the 135th Canton Fair kicked off in Guangzhou. As an "old friend" who has participated in the exhibition for many years, JNTECH Renewable Energy appeared in the new energy exhibition area on April 15th with solar water pump systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, microgrid systems and new products to this "grand event in the field of foreign trade" and interact with the world Merchants communicate together to discuss new developments, new opportunities, new technologies, and support the development of "new productivity" with high-quality innovative technologies and services. During the exhibition, our company received nearly a thousand global merchants, and the new and old customers enjoyed chatting with each other. The solar irrigation system exhibited this time has won the favour of many merchants, and negotiations have continued. As the industry standard setter of solar water pump systems and inverters in China, JNTECH Renewable Energy's innovatively designed multi-stage high-lift solar irrigation system has filled many technical gaps in solar water pump systems at home and abroad, adding new impetus to global agricultural development. Energy storage is a new track for JNTECH. This time, it focuses on the launch of new products such as energy storage converter cabinets and energy storage converters (PCS), comprehensively presenting multi-scenario energy storage  solutions, such as outdoor portable storage Energy, industrial and commercial energy storage, village-level power stations, optical storage and charging stations, etc. It demonstrated the R&D technology and comprehensive strength of JNTECH Renewable Energy to global merchants. To fully support the development of "new productivity", JNTECH Renewable Energy actively seeks new opportunities, explores new development paths, researches new technological breakthroughs, provides global customers with more complete solar application system solutions, and assists the new development of global clean energy.

  • 12Mar
    JNTECH Renewable Energy was invited to attend the meeting of the Water Conservancy and Water Resources Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of Myanmar

    Recently, JNTECH Renewable Energy was invited to attend the meeting of the Water Conservancy and Water Resources Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of Myanmar in Nay Pyi Taw and met with its director and other core leaders. The two parties conducted technical and experience exchanges on applying and practising photovoltaic power generation technology in agriculture and water conservancy—in-depth communication and discussion about sex. Myanmar is a traditional agricultural country and is extremely short of electricity and fuel, which is the main obstacle to Myanmar's agricultural development. Since nearly 60% of Myanmar's electricity comes from hydropower, although Myanmar has abundant rainfall throughout the year, the rainfall is very uneven due to abnormal climate changes in recent years, which has seriously affected the development of Myanmar's agriculture and water conservancy. In this meeting, the Director of Water Conservancy and Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Myanmar participated in the meeting with more than 30 core leaders and technical teams and connected online with branches of the Water Conservancy and Water Resources Bureau across the country through online meetings. At the meeting, Mr Ma Zhibao, general manager and chief engineer of our company, proposed a series of directional and constructive technical implementations on how to carry out photovoltaic transformation for the existing farmland irrigation and drinking water pump projects of the Bureau of Water Resources and Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Myanmar. The plan was highly praised by the core leaders of the Water Affairs Department and participating experts. At the same time, they also expressed their strong willingness to cooperate with our company, hoping to use the products, technology and experience advantages of JNTECH Renewable Energy to promote the development of Myanmar's agriculture and water conservancy undertakings. Our company is deeply honoured for the successful holding of this conference and the fruitful results harvested, and we are also well aware of the great responsibility; JNTECH Renewable Energy will also carry out long-lasting and in-depth cooperation with the Water Conservancy and Water Resources Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture of Myanmar, and jointly contribute to the realization of Myanmar agriculture and contribute to the prosperity and development of water conservancy. In the future, JNTECH Renewable Energy will continue to be committed to new energy application technology and research and development, and strive to provide customers with better products and end-to-end services.

  • 02Nov
    Jntech New Energy Debuts at 2023 Shanghai SNEC with Multiple New Products

    On November 1st, the 8th (2023) International Energy Storage (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Jntech New Energy made a stunning appearance with its innovative energy storage technology and core products, aiming to provide customers with intelligent and efficient energy storage solutions. As one of the most influential solar representative events in the world, SNEC International Energy Storage (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition covers all aspects of the solar industry chain and is the best platform to showcase the achievements to the industry. As an excellent product service provider in the field of solar applications,Jntech New Energy demonstrated its full-scenario energy storage system solutions and products including household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and micro-grid systems, and unveiled new products for industrial and commercial energy storage such as liquid-cooled energy storage cabinets, energy storage converter cabinets, and energy storage converters (PCS) at the exhibition. The professionalism and diversity of Jntech's technology and products were fully presented, attracting many visitors to stop and inquire, and the scene was bustling with activity. The on-site demonstration of solar DC portable power, household energy storage, and industrial and commercial energy storage products has been widely used around the world, especially in village-level power stations, solar storage charging stations, and wind and solar storage in oil-producing areas in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These micro-grid systems provide safe and efficient green power for people around the world, ensuring their daily lives and production. As the direction of the development of the times, Jntech New Energy has always been committed to the research and development of technology and innovation, and continues to promote the advancement and application of energy storage technology. It provides better solutions for solar energy storage application systems for global customers, contributes to the sustainable development of clean energy, and makes a contribution to the realization of the dream of a zero-carbon world.

  • 17Oct
    JNTECH Renewable Energy made a wonderful appearance at the 134th Canton Fair

    The autumn air is crisp and clear, and guests are coming like clouds. On October 15, the 134th Canton Fair, which serves as the "barometer" and "wind vane" of China's foreign trade, was held as scheduled in Guangzhou. As an exhibitor, JNTECH Renewable Energy made a wonderful appearance with its solar water pump system and solar energy storage system. In the two days since its launch, JNTECH Renewable Energy has received hundreds of domestic and foreign customers and buyers. Many merchants are very fond of the solar water pump system demonstrated by our company on-site and have continued to negotiate. As the industry standard setter of solar water pump systems and inverters in China, JNTECH Renewable Energy has filled many technical gaps in solar water pump systems at home and abroad, repeatedly breaking through the bottleneck of the application of solar water pump systems in water conservancy systems, and contributing to global agricultural development. Facing the huge opportunities of global solar energy storage, JNTECH Renewable Energy is rapidly promoting the development of the energy storage business and is committed to providing systematic energy storage solutions to the world. At this Canton Fair, our company exhibited a series of products such as portable power supplies, household energy storage, and industrial and commercial energy storage, which have been widely used around the world. In particular, the village-level power station systems, wind and solar storage and charging stations, oil field microgrid systems, and island microgrid systems launched by our company are all serving the world's green electricity. As an outstanding product and service provider in the field of solar applications, JNTECH Renewable Energy is committed to providing customers with high-quality solar application system solutions, assisting the development of global new energy, adding colour to green agriculture, reducing the burden of zero-carbon life, and empowering Chinese manufacturing.

  • 27Sep
    JNTECH Renewable Energy unveiled at Nigeria Energy 2023

    On September 19, the three-day Nigeria Energy 2023 grandly opened at the Expo Center in Lagos, Nigeria. As West Africa's leading energy event, JNTECH Renewable Energy's trip was worthwhile and fruitful. JNTECH Renewable Energy unveiled the core products of the solar smart irrigation system at this exhibition, JNP18K5H-V5, JNP7K5H and SWP7K5H-V1 water pump inverters and the new JN-SPD20 solar irrigation machine. As the industry standard setter for solar pump systems and inverters in China, JNTECH Renewable Energy has repeatedly broken through domestic and foreign solar water extraction barriers and contributed modestly to the development of world agriculture. Over the years, JNTECH Renewable Energy has been working hard not only for solar smart irrigation systems but also energy storage systems, providing energy storage solutions to the world. Household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, village-level power stations, charging stations, oil production area optical storage systems, island wind and solar storage systems, base station wind and solar storage systems, and mine optical storage systems have spread worldwide. The sustainable development of clean energy is the general trend. JNTECH Renewable Energy will unflinchingly become a practitioner and promoter of clean energy development, continuously enhance its energy technology research and development capabilities, and make unremitting efforts to realize the dream of a zero-carbon world.

  • 15Sep
    JNTECH Renewable Energy made a wonderful appearance at CAMENERGY 2023

    From September 14th to September 16th, the three-day CAMENERGY 2023 was held grandly at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center in Phnom Penh. JNTECH Renewable Energy is honoured to participate in this event and showcase the company's innovative achievements and leading technologies. At this exhibition, JNTECH Renewable Energy demonstrated the solar smart irrigation system and its core product - the solar pump inverter. The system is completely driven by new energy. Through solar direct drive technology, energy management technology, detection and control technology, and irrigation technology, it perfectly combines solar power generation, automatic control, and irrigation technology to build an environmentally friendly and efficient green irrigation system. What is exciting is that the JNTECH Renewable Energy Solar Smart Irrigation System has recently been officially put into use at Suixi Farm in Zimbabwe. This system will effectively solve the impact of local power outages on-farm crop irrigation, improve agricultural production capacity, and help Suixi Farm and the local people. high and stable grain yields and rapid economic development. This also fully demonstrates the technical strength and excellent solutions of JNTECH Renewable Energy in the field of solar smart irrigation. In addition, JNTECH Renewable Energy also displayed solar energy storage systems and products. The system is mainly used in various energy storage scenarios, including household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, village-level power stations, charging stations, oil production area optical storage systems, island wind and solar storage systems, base station wind and solar storage systems, and mine optical storage systems. wait. These diverse application scenarios fully demonstrate the broad applicability and high efficiency of the JNTECH Renewable Energy solar energy storage system. The solar smart irrigation system and solar energy storage system solutions displayed at this exhibition have been widely used in Cambodia's regions and received excellent responses. JNTECH Renewable Energy is committed to promoting the development of local renewable energy and providing convenient and efficient energy services to residents. In the future, JNTECH Renewable Energy will continue to adhere to the innovative, green and sustainable development concepts, continue to increase investment in research and development, improve technological innovation capabilities, provide the world with more efficient and environmentally friendly new energy solutions, and help the world achieve green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Continuous development.

  • 05Sep
    Wanjin Solar Power Generation and Water Pumping Irrigation Project Officially Inaugurated, Boosting Agricultural Development in Zimbabwe

    On August 17, 2023, the Wanjin Solar Power Generation and Water Pumping Irrigation Project held a grand inauguration ceremony at the Suixi Farm in Zimbabwe. Mr. Nhepera, the Permanent Secretary of the Zimbabwe Ministry of Defense, Ms. Morriswa, the Governor of the Mashonaland West Province, officials from the Zimbabwe Ministry of Agriculture, tribal chiefs, agricultural experts, and large-scale farm owners attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, Mr. Nhepera and Governor Morriswa, on behalf of the Zimbabwean government, warmly congratulated the completion and commissioning of the project. They also expressed their appreciation for the support of the Jntech Renewable Energy solar power generation and water pumping irrigation technology and conveyed gratitude for the positive impact of the Wanjin project on the development of agriculture in Zimbabwe. The Wanjin Solar Power Generation and Water Pumping Irrigation Project, after 7 months of intense construction, installation, and testing, has been approved and integrated into the local power grid on August 14. With the commencement of the solar project, it will effectively address the issues caused by local power outages affecting crop irrigation on the farm. The simultaneous operation of the two solar units can drive 11sets irrigation machines to timely irrigate 310 hectares of land, significantly enhancing agricultural production security and achieving high and stable yields. The project construction complies with Zimbabwe's grid connection regulations and, without the need for excess power to be fed into the grid, it not only increases local power supply but also generates additional revenue for the Wanjin project. According to statistics, the daily electricity generation of this solar project is approximately 4,200KWH. Based on the local agricultural electricity tariff of US $0.12kw/h, it is estimated that annual electricity cost savings of approximately US $200,000 can be achieved. The completion of this project fully demonstrates the strengths and capabilities of  Jntech Renewable Energy in the fields of solar power generation and solar water pumping. This innovative smart irrigation model will make significant contributions to food production and economic development for Suixi Farm and the people of Zimbabwe. Jntech Renewable Energy will stay true to its original aspirations and strive to become a better supplier of smart solar energy products, solar irrigation and water treatment systems, solar ecological management, and comprehensive system solutions, serving the global community.

  • 01Sep
    JNTECH Renewable Energy Made A Wonderful Appearance At The Renewable Energy Exhibition In Bangkok, Thailand In 2023

    The ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023, a three-day event from August 30th to September 1st, took place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. JNTECH New Energy was honored to participate in this grand occasion. During this exhibition, JNTECH New Energy showcased a range of remarkable products, including solar intelligent irrigation systems, intelligent monitoring systems, and their core products: water pump inverters and the latest solar irrigation integrated machine. Among them, JNTECH New Energy's solar intelligent irrigation system shone brightly in Panzhihua, Sichuan, China, filling numerous technical gaps in the domestic industry. It successfully overcame the application bottlenecks of energy storage technology in small and medium-sized hydraulic systems, contributing to the revitalization of ethnic minority villages and rural areas in the arid hot valleys of the Jinsha River and supporting the construction of a trial area for common prosperity. The solar intelligent irrigation system is entirely powered by renewable energy sources. It combines solar direct-drive technology, energy management technology, advanced detection and control technology, along with irrigation technology. This integrated system can be widely applied in plains, hills, and mountainous regions for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, realizing the integration of solar and irrigation in a green irrigation system. Simultaneously, JNTECH New Energy also introduced solar energy storage system products, primarily used in village-level power stations, wind-solar energy storage system charging stations, oilfield energy storage systems, island wind-solar energy storage systems, base station wind-solar energy storage systems, mining wind-solar energy storage systems, commercial and industrial energy storage systems, and residential energy storage systems, among other areas. The solar intelligent irrigation systems and solar energy storage system solutions showcased at this exhibition have already found extensive applications in various regions of Thailand. JNTECH New Energy's product quality and exceptional service have earned high praise from local users. JNTECH New Energy is committed to continuous innovation in the solar field, driving product and system upgrades to support global green and low-carbon development, contributing to the establishment of smart agriculture, and building a zero-carbon world.

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