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  • 08Jun
     Jntech debut 2021 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic exhibition

    From June 3 to 5,15th(2021)International Photovoltaic Power Generation  and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition will be held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the reduction of the domestic epidemic pressure and the formulation of the national "dual-carbon" goal, the new energy policy has been continuously clarified. The popularity of the exhibition site has increased significantly, the crowd is crowded, and the on-site interaction climaxes. At this photovoltaic exhibition, our company exhibited a full range of AC and DC hybrid solar irrigation systems, solar aeration and oxygenation systems, and new high-frequency hybrid solar energy storage systems. Such products will be very promising products in the future. Can be widely used in domestic agricultural modernization, rural revitalization, rural distributed water supply, afforestation/grassland/desert/sewage treatment, etc.; it can also provide safe and reliable water supply and power supply system solutions for households in areas without electricity and power shortages in the world . Jntech has always focused on solar green energy application technology and product development in the fields of agricultural irrigation, ecological environmental protection, and beautiful villages, and positioned as a service provider of solar application system solutions. As a drafter of the solar water pump industry standard and an industry leader, we will continue to work hard to provide safe, reliable and economic solar irrigation and water supply systems for people around the world to serve people’s livelihoods and ensure food security. In the past ten years, we have achieved more than 60 worldwide Thousands of people benefit from the country. With the national goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking", the clean and environmentally friendly energy industry is developing rapidly, with significant industrial dividends, and penetrating deeply into our lives. Jntech insists on continuously developing new energy applica

  • 31Mar
    Solar irrigation and solar aeration system were presented inThe 2021 Smart Water Conservancy and River-Lake Long System Summit Forum

    The 2021 Smart Water Conservancy and River-Lake Long System Summit Forum will be held as scheduled in Suzhou from March 26th to 28th. The convening of this conference not only responds to the country’s call for building green mountains and green waters, creating beautiful villages, and building a country’s ecological civilization, but also promotes in-depth exchanges between water conservancy, watershed management industries and new energy industries, and promotes carbon neutrality for the country. The goal of Carbon Neutral and Carbon Peak provides new thinking and new directions. Jack Ma, general manager of Jntech Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd, gave a keynote speech on "Application of Photovoltaic Smart Irrigation and Photovoltaic Aeration and Aeration System in Water Conservancy" at this summit, expounding the role of photovoltaic as a new energy source in the field of national water conservancy and river basin governance. Promotion and application value, showing the relevant application system solutions developed by our company and sharing our successful application experience in the world. At present, the country is vigorously building a smart water conservancy system, and it is also an inevitable trend to apply new photovoltaic energy to various water conservancy facilities, because of the added value and industrial dividends of photovoltaic energy are gradually becoming prominent, and the cost is also significantly reduced. The concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In terms of the rural river and lake governance, water storage and irrigation in the water conservancy industry, and reduction of carbon emissions, new photovoltaic energy can help achieve the country’s current policy requirements for beautiful countryside. With the application and promotion of new photovoltaic energy, photovoltaic irrigation and photovoltaic water conservancy are not only limited to the project application in plain areas, but also applied in cross-regional and cross-basin water conservancy projects and irrigation projects, successfully realizing water transfer, water delivery, and water diversion. Solve the problems of irrigation and people's livelihood. In recent years, our company has successfully implemented photovoltaic high-altitude water pumping and high-lift irrigation applications in western China, including Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Shaanxi. The project uses full photovoltaic energy for water pumping, water storage, water delivery and water supply. Realize the automatic water-saving irrigation of the head, contribute to the construction of the national high-standard farmland, and help the Loess Plateau become beautiful and beautiful. Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of new energy photovoltaic application products. It is a drafting unit of China's photovoltaic water pump system and inverter industry standards and an industry leader. T...

  • 23Mar
    Jntech Lectured on the The 3rd Forum of Distributed PV innovation

    On March 17, 2021, the 3rd Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Forum was held in the Beijing Hall on the second floor of Hefei Fengda International Hotel. This forum discussed in depth on the application of photovoltaic power generation and the expansion of photovoltaic applications under the background of carbon neutrality at the peak of the NPC&CPPCC. Jack Ma, general manager of Jntech Renewable New Energy Co., Ltd. gave a speech on "Application of Photovoltaic Irrigation and Aeration System in Water Conservancy and Farming and River Ecological Management", explaining that solar as a new energy source in the country's smart irrigation The application and promotion value in the field and ecological governance, breeding, demonstrated our research and development of photovoltaic smart irrigation system and photovoltaic aeration aeration system solutions, and shared our global photovoltaic irrigation and aeration and aeration application experience. In recent years, due to the development of urbanization in our country and the significant reduction in the number of employees suitable for planting, for the scattered small and medium-sized fields across the country, we are faced with how to improve construction standards, increase output, reduce operating costs, reduce operating technical requirements, and maintain the bottom line of food security. This has always been a problem that we urgently need to solve. Jntech has always adhered to and focused on photovoltaic application technology and product research and development in the field of agricultural irrigation. As an industry standard drafting unit and industry leader, we will continue to work hard to provide safe, reliable and economical photovoltaic irrigation for people around the world, especially in remote and non-electric areas. System to ensure food security and serve the people’s livelihood. Under the epidemic environment, while the economy is taking off, it is very important to protect the green environment around you, and both energy conservation and emission reduction and ecological governance are equally important. In response to the problem of ecological treatment of rivers in cities, the aeration and aeration system developed by Jntech not only solves the problems of river pollution and stagnant water, but also brings good news to the breeding industry.

  • 14Jan
    100 sets of solar aeration system were successfully installed and used in Jiangxi

    Yugan county is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, with mild and humid climate, sufficient light and abundant rain. It is the "place of fish and rice". Recently, Jntech solar aeration systems has been successfully applied in rural water environment treatment and aquaculture projects in Jiangxi Province. The solar aerator system independently developed and produced by Jntech is mainly used for water quality control of urban and rural parks, polluted rivers and small & mini type of water environments, as well as fish and shrimp breeding in remote areas with power shortage. It provides a green, maintenance free, electricity free water oxygenation treatment and maintenance scheme. The scheme has the advantages of no battery, long working hours, long service life, low cost of electricity, and no power consumption It has the outstanding characteristics of wire pulling and high power consumption safety. The project consists of 100 sets of 750W ~ 1.1KW system. The project adopts three system solutions (paddlewheel aerator, push flow aerator and fountain aerator), which not only solves the problem of water pollution caused by the slow flow of river pond in the area, but also increases the oxygen content of water body, promotes the improvement of living environment of all kinds of organisms in water, maintains ecological balance, and increases the yield and income of aquaculture farmer. It's a profitable and beneficial project for people and society. The successful operation of Jntech PV aeration system in batches is of great significance to explore urban and rural water treatment and water quality maintenance, especially for the regional treatment of stagnant water bodies and severed rivers and ponds in southern China with abundant rainfall, undulating terrain or urban population; this project also fully reflects the Jntech PV aeration system The excellent performance and advanced solutions of the oxygen system have been highly praised by local breeding users, engineers, design institutes and relevant government departments. Good reputation and high recognition from customers are the driving force for us to move forward. Jntech will continue to strive to become an excellent service provider in the field of solar applications, and practice adding green energy to the world!

  • 02Sep
    The UAE successfully installed a desert hybrid system that can support pumping and energy supply

    In the battle between nature and human beings, technology is always been the essential and the primary element. The wide wild desert is practically equivalent to the life restricted district. However, last year, the technical staff from Jntech high-tech lab have successfully installed a desert hybrid photovoltaic system that can support pumping and energy supply at the same time through hundreds of experiments and practices in the desert area in the United Arab Emirates. When the transparent water pouring from the pump and the cool wind blow from the fan and air conditioner, humans can finally stand on this land with their feet. Eventually, the terrain desert would slightly turns into fertile field. In the last decade, Jntech always committed to offer the possibility of using solar energy to people who live in the area that lack of water and electricity through the upgrade of photovoltaic technology. Besides, the solar resource is a clean, non-emission, and very rich resource. After decades-years’ hard work, we can now proudly announce that: Jntech’s photovoltaic technology and products could have fully covered all of the people’s daily life. From water use, energy storage, agricultural use, aquacultural use to our new product solar air conditioner, it can only prove that our business is going to be more professional and comprehensive. It is proved by facts, we are approaching our goal, that is, we will offer a life with water and electricity to all the people live on this planet.

  • 15Jul
    JNTECH 168kWp Center Pivot Irrigation Powered by Solar has been successfully operated in Zimbabwe

    On July 15, 2020 in Zimbabwe, the 168kWp solar center pivot irrigation system which powered by solar power and supplied in total solution by JNTECH ,this system was successfully operated. This system is a pointer center pivot irrigation system with a span of 600 meters and an irrigation area of 280 acres, which solves the problem of crop water difficulty caused by insufficient precipitation and uneven water distribution in this area. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. It is mainly an agricultural country. The terrain is flat and the light is sufficient, but it is short of electricity and water all the year round.Compared with traditional irrigation and diesel engine irrigation, this solar power irrigation project has significantly reduced water and electricity costs, 100% green energy, and a high ROI of 25%. With the large-scale application of solar,solar power generation cost has the market advantage; In agricultural production, the use of traditional energy has exposed many problems, such as difficult power grid coverage, uneconomical use of diesel power generation, unguaranteed oil procurement, and even less energy conservation and environmental protection. Over the years, JNTECH has been focusing on solar applications and livelihood projects, especially in the fields of solar powered irrigation system and solar off-grid system. Currently, there are tens of thousands of solar systems in operation in more than 60 countries around the world. Jntech will continue to provide excellent overall solutions for the development of new large-scale agriculture worldwide. Continue to bring rich application experience to people around the world, so that innovative technology and green energy to serve life and create a better life. Jntech's self-developed solar center pivot irrigation system has the following advantages: ● this center pivot irrigation system driving only from solar powered energy, using jntech specialized designed solar pump inverter and contrloller technology,it is not need the battery; ● The system adopts solar variable frequency direct drive technology, which can be perfectly combined with various traditional irrigation systems. ● solar voltage input range is wide, built-in MPPT technology, maximize the use of solar power, high conversion efficiency; ● Deeply combined with the operation characteristics of traditional irrigation equipment, the optimized control strategy can realize the stable control of irrigation system pressure in complex weather, greatly improving the system life and working stability. ● Real-time monitoring system pressure, flow, solar power generation data and system working status; ● Support mixed power supply of main grid or diesel generator, seamless switching of solar priority.

  • 10Jun
    JNTECH solar aeration system successfully applied to environmental governance project in Shenling Tan, Anqing City

    With the rapid process of urbanization, City environment problem is more and more prominent. In response to country’s call of green and environmental protection, JNTECH develop solar aeration system by Solar DC drive. The outstanding features are without battery, daily long working hours, long lifespan, through clean energy solar power to improve water quality, at same time, reduce electricity cost, ensure on-site power safety. Recently, in the project of environmental governance project in Shenling Tan, Anqing City, Anhui Province, JNTECH solar aeration system applied successfully. There are six sets of 750W solar fountain aeration systems are installed and fully operational in this project. This project is not only solved water pollution problem caused by lakes slowly flow, and increase the water oxygen to ensure living environment of various creature, maintain ecological balance. This project has profound the typical demonstration significance, especially for Southern part of Anhui Province which is with plenty of rainfalls and rugged terrain, urban population centers is with plenty lakes and rich breeding industry. Solar aeration system developed by JNTECH is mainly applied to landscape water treatment of parks, wetlands, lakes and others, surface water purification of riverway and lakes, fish and shrimp farming and etc.. Right now, according he projects, JNTECH can provide system of 370w to 2.2kW, more choice to save the cost.

  • 13Nov
    JNTECH attend The Oil&Gas&Solar event of East Africa

    November,7-9, 2019,The Oil&Gas&Solar event of East Africa was held in the coastal city of dar es salaam,Tanzania. In this exhibition, our company presented the latest products, leading technologies in the field of solar application, showcasing water pump application products (solar water pump inverter, aerator, seawater desalination/bitter alkaline water treatment system),solar off-grid inverter and its power generation solutions, lithium battery pack, mobile energy storage device. Solar water pump irrigation system and solar off-grid energy storage system, as our traditional advantage of the main products, the exhibition has attracted many customers to consult, our one-stop solution has won the favor of our clients. On this exhibition,JNTECH displayeda series of new products at the same time. Aerator,whichcan solve the problem of oxygen supply in fish ponds without electricity and lack ofelectricity. Seawater desalination/alkaline water system provides an overall solution for the island and remote areas without electricity. Mobile energy storagedevice, to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor mobile energy storage, to solve the need for timely power supply in areas where there is no power shortage. JNTECH has become a leader in off-grid field, especially in solar pumping and off-grid energy storage.On the vast African continent, adhering to the original intention of“make the world greener”and continues to providewater and electricity solutions for African people,which benefit local citizensand win unanimous praise from overseas customers.

  • 23Oct
    JNTECH attends the 126th canton fair, receives extensive attentions

    From 15th to 19th Oct., the 126th Autumn Canton Fair is being hold in Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center of Guangzhou. For the great event in Import & Export industry, Jntech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd (shortened as Jntech below, booth No.: 10.3, J01), arranged 4 persons to attend. For this fair,Jntech exhibited its main products, including solar pumping application products(solar pump solution, solar pump inverter, solar pumping group controller solution, aeration solution, solar pumping&energy storage system, sea-water desalination system, bitter/brackish water purification system), solar offgrid inverter & solar energy storage system, lithium battery pack, movable inverter&battery pack. Being Jntech’s traditional main products, solar pumping system and solar offgird energy storage system attract extensive attentions from the fair,a Yemen customer fixedpurchase contract during the fair after long-term following up. During the fair, many products exhibited are for new applications. Such as, aeration solution, which can solve the oxygen supply problem for the areas where there’s no power or lack of power. Sea-water desalination system and bitter/brackish water purification system can provide whole-solution of power&water supply for islands and areas where are lack of power&water. Movable inverter&battery pack, satisfies the requirements of indoor&outdoors moveable energy storage. Series of new productsattract manyconsultations from potential customers all around the world,show Jntech keen insight into the market and strong capability of R&D. Jntech, has become the leader of offgrid inverter industry, especially in solar pumping and offgrid energy storage field. Based on original target “make the world greener”, Jntech is keeping researching and developing, keeping extending the application scope of new energy, keeping optimizing product function and performance, keeping improving user experience and service level, contributing its own energy to the sustainable development of our society.

  • 10Sep
    JNTECH solar pump project in Beijing Daxing International Airport ACCEPTED

    Beijing Daxing International Airport, which is an integrated transportationhub of supersized international aviation, located between Daxing district, Beijing and Guangyang district, Langfang, Hebei Province. With the constructions of green environmental protection projects supported strongly by government, the airport takes the idea of green environmental protection, is designed bynatural lighting and natural ventilation in big area from roof, illumination and air-conditioner is time-sharing controlled, adopts actively technology of green energy saving and modern information such as solar energy, geothermal energy, green construction material etc. Now, Jntech solar pump solution for Beijing Daxing International Airport has finished installation and commissioning. The project takes advantage of solar pumping group-control system which is of the most advanced technology in the world, highly automatic and integrated, and it can improve water ecosystem around the airport. The project consists of dozens sets of system, adopts independent patent technology of multi-machine group-control, which can increase system efficiency by 20% and win unanimous praise from the project owner. Against the project acceptance, it proves again that, Jntech is continuously providing customers with advanced technology, reliable products, high-quality service and enormous value, also a remarkable tribute to 70 anniversary of P.R.China. JNTECHbrand wasset up in 2006. Against talent resource and technical advantage of Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei University of Technology, deeply based on industrial-academic-research collaboration, JNTECH has developed many PV products such as solar off-grid inverter and solar pump inverter, which havepassed nationaland international certification,have been widely used in more than 60 countries worldwide already. According to our company idea“make the world greener”, JNTECH is aiming to be a system supplier well-known in global market, for intelligent solar power products, solar processing system, solar ecological management and system solution.

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