Privacy Policy

Jntech Privacy Policy

1 What information Jntech may collect?

In order to internet marketing, we may collect customers’ information, this include: name, region, gender, company, job, email, phone number (both private and working number), age etc.

2 How Jntech will use these data?

Jntech promise we will use data for business purpose, that, we use it to connect with customers.

3 Will Jntech shares these information with franchisees or third parties ?

Jntech will not shares our customers privacy to third parties.

4 Are customers able to view or delete the information Jntech has collect from them?

Yes, our customers are able to view and delete their information form Jntech database in anytime at any occasions.

5 How would Jntech respond to legal requests?

We will reasonably respond to all legitimate requests.

6 If Jntech changes privacy practices, how will Jntech notify customers?

We will notify our customers through email and text(if possible).

7 How to contact Jntech when customers have questions?

Jntech Facebook:

Jntech Independent Website:

8 When will Jntech privacy policy be valid?

From 16th Nov, 2020.

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