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/The Xiaojiang photovoltaic water pumping project in Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province successfully tested and sending up water in early May.
The Xiaojiang photovoltaic water pumping project in Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province successfully tested and sending up water in early May.
May 16, 2024

At present, people's livelihood problems such as expensive water and water shortage in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places have seriously hindered the development of the local economy and the improvement of farmers' living standards. To effectively solve this problem, the Yunnan Provincial Department, Xuanwei Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government decided to coordinate the high-standard farmland project funds of 87.04 million yuan to implement the Xiaojiang photovoltaic water extraction project. As the winning bidder for the first section of this project, Jntech aims to contribute to the development and construction of Yunnan.

At the end of March 2024, the Xiaojiang photovoltaic water pumping project in Xuanwei City, which Jntech managed, officially started construction. After 2 months, the main engineering construction tasks were completed in early May. The project successfully tested the water and sent up water.

Jntech provides core equipment and control systems such as photovoltaic power generation, water machines, electronic control and drive systems for the project; as a leading enterprise in the photovoltaic water lifting irrigation subdivision and an industry-standard drafting unit, we not only faces many difficulties in the project itself, the biggest challenge is to shoulder the burden of achieving breakthroughs in the entire industry.

Over the past few months, our company has overcome the problems of tight project time, large project scale, and high technical difficulty. Finally we break the industry's application records in terms of system installation capacity and annual water extraction volume, and realize the purpose of photovoltaic water extraction from Xiaojiang in Hotwater Town, Xuanwei City and zero water fee irrigation, which has changed the dilemma of water shortage for livelihood and irrigation in dozens of surrounding towns and tens of thousands of people.

This system is currently the largest photovoltaic water-pumping irrigation project in the world. Its configuration is that the photovoltaic capacity of the first-level pumping station is 3.378MWp with total head of 472m; Second-level pumping station is 4.596MWp with total head of 350m. Each pump’s power is 400kW, the annual water extraction capacity of the entire project exceeds 3 million cubic meters. The system is completely off-grid and uses a photovoltaic energy direct-drive system to lift water from Xiaojiang. Through a multi-unit group control management system, no human on duty to ensure that the two-stage pumping station system works collaboratively and stably. At the same time, it realizes remote digital monitoring, real-time management and control, and remote automation. Start-stop, terminal timing and quantitative water distribution management and control ensure the overall safety, stable operation and efficient water supply of the project.

Jntech once again successfully break the industry's photovoltaic water extraction technology bottleneck and set a new industry record.

A highlight of the design of this project is that the end of the water transmission main pipe is connected to the Pianqiao Reservoir drought relief emergency water transmission pipeline. In years when a special drought occurs, it can take into account the emergency water supply tasks in the main urban area, effectively play the role of emergency drought relief dispatching of the project, and fully protect urban and rural areas: water supply security and agricultural seasonal irrigation water needs.

In the future, Jntech will continue to be committed to the research, development and application promotion of photovoltaic water extraction technology, provide efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly photovoltaic water extraction solutions to more regions, promote the development and innovation of photovoltaic water extraction technology, and help more places around the world to solve water problems.

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