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  • Jntech solar pump specialist
    Jntech solar pump specialist Oct 26 , 2020
    20 YEARS focus on the solar pump system, the perfect solution for irrigation, aeration, and a variety of different conditions. World's leading company of solar inverter. Partnership over 60 countries worldwide, from the Mount Kilimanjaro down to the River Nile, from the Holy City Jerusalem to the living history Damascus, from the Christ the Redeemer to the River Amazon, our footprint is allover th...
  • National Smart Water Conservancy
    National Smart Water Conservancy Oct 26 , 2020
    At the National Smart Water Conservancy Summit Forum hosted by the Smart Water Conservancy Branch of the China Water Conservancy Enterprise Association on September 19-21, 2020, our company’s general manager Jack Ma gave a speech on "Smart Photovoltaic Irrigation System", illustrates that photovoltaics are new the application and promotion value of energy in the area of national smart irrigation d...
  • Jntech solar air conditioner economy
    Jntech solar air conditioner economy Nov 25 , 2020
    Why we choose a solar air conditioner rather than a normal one? Economy - Averagely, Solar air conditioners could save 1.5 kWh to 2 kWh per hour in sunshine duration, which means, approximately, with a solar air conditioner we can save 16 kWh a day with 8 hours sunshine duration.  With the world average on-grid electricity price of $0.15 per kWh,  a solar air conditioner could save a min...
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