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JNTECH in the 7th ERA solar show Algeria

Promulgator:Hefei Jntech New Energy Co.,Ltd.   Date:2016-11-08  Font:[big][middle][small]

The 7th International Exhibition of Renewable Energy, Clean Energy & Sustainable Energy

was held in Oran International Convention Center, Algeria on 24th-26th, October.

JNTECH exhibited the Solar Pumping System and off grid system, attracted numerous visitors.

With JNTECH New launched AC PowerPack, Solar pumping system can realize 24hours working,

provided green, clean and energy-saving irrigation concept for local user; Off-grid system bring

hope to desert non-electricity area. The products on exhibition have been bought by local clients,

installed in desert to get water from deep well.

During the exhibition, JNTECH accepted the Algerian television media interviews and introduced

JNTECH overall information and the application performance and technical features of Solar Pumping

Systems and off grid system. The JNTECH brand name will be enhanced greatly in local market.

In the past ten years, JNTECH has a steady improvement in the field of PV power station and

PV Application Products. The application of JNTECH solar pumping system involves to 28 countries

and regions. We JNTECH will keep on our step and providing more green, energy conservation

products for the society.