Solar Water Treatment System


Water is a pressing need in many areas of the world. The water scarcity is spreading as water is needed to grow and process food, create energy, and serve industry for a continually growing population. The essence of global water scarcity is the geographic and temporal mismatch between freshwater 
demand and availability. The increasing population, improving living standards, changing consumption patterns, and expansion of irrigated agriculture are the main driving forces for the rising global demand for water. One major source of obtainingusable water is water desalination.
Make full use of solar direct drive, solar pumping, group control, energy storage and RO filter technology. Through inverter technology, convert DC power from solar to drive AC pumps for lifting water and pumps in purify equipment directly, other loads are driven by solar energy storage system, realize through solar power to supply all energy for purify equipment, combine with requirements of purify equipment, add group control technology to optimize pumps operation. According to clients need, can add energy storage system for household electricity.